linux-avmb1:CAPI programming: Display information element

Jan Siebeneich jan at
Sat Oct 7 15:20:04 CEST 2006


I'd like to send Display information elements. My approach was to send
an INFO_REQ containing the Display information element in the INFO_REQ
parameter Additional Info->Facility data array, as there is no own
(sub-) parameter as for User-user information (which by the way works
just fine on both the transmitting and the receiving end). This INFO_REQ
is accepted by CAPI without complaints but no Display information
INFO_IND is received (other Display information e.g. sent by Fritz!Box
"Weckruf" feature are received).

Has anyone any experience in sending display messages and can help me?


Here is a code snippet:

unsigned short int iDataSize = strInfoText.size() + 3; // string length
+ ETS Octets 1 and 2 and trailing 0x00
unsigned char Data[iDataSize];

// Coding according to ETS 300 102-1 starting from Octet 1
Data[0] = INFO_DISPLAY; // 0x0028
Data[1] = iDataSize - 3; // String length
for(int i = 2; i < iDataSize - 1; i++)
  // Essentially the string is copied into the data array
  Data[i] = (unsigned char);
Data[iDataSize - 1] = 0x00;


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