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we are planning to setup an internet server for our company using REDHAT LINUX
by an Hosting service by our Internet Service Provider (ISP).

We have not experienced yet the Linux world therefore we need some suggestion
in order to avoid initial mistakes:

We plan the following:

by the ISP 
there will be a Linux machine that will perform this services:
www ,ftp, mail and of course it will be connected permanently to the INTERNET.

(Home) inside the company we have:
a Linux machine with the modem that can dialup to Internet and can be an
intranet server for internal company information.

a TCP/IP lan with 15 users that would like to share 1 modem for connecting to

The needs are :

regarding e-mail:
1) each user will have its own e-mail address that is like name at
2) if the mail is between 2 people of the company the traffic should remain
within the LAN without modem usage.
3) the modem dialup every x minutes and exchanges the incoming mail and the
outgoing mail for each user and then quit the phone line.

regarding browsing:
1) every user should be able to navigate from its own Pc automatically getting
the modem line and closing the line if nobodyelse is navigating.

We would like to know if some tools are available for the above jobs.
We are sure that this problem has been already encounterd from someonelse.
We thank you for all kind of information you will provide us.


Rocco & Gianni

                CISA Architectural Hardware Division
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                48018 Faenza (RA) Italy
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