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Stefan Janke gonzo at
Fr Jul 11 09:20:12 CEST 1997

On Jul 11, Carsten Wartmann <carstenw at> wrote:
> - Was ist innwatch, mein Usenetreport beschwert sich immer das das
>   nicht rennt

Naja, das duerfte weniger eine Beschwerde sein, sondern nur die
Mitteilung, das innwatch nicht laeuft. innwatch sorgt dafuer, dass
innd dann supendiert wird, wenn der Load oder der HD-Verbrauch
zu hoch ist:
       Innwatch  is normally started by  It periodically
       -- every (600) seconds -- examines the load  average,  and
       the  number  of free blocks and inodes on the spool parti­
       tion, as described by its control file, innwatch.ctl(5).

       If the load gets too high, or the disk gets too  full,  it
       throttles  the  server.   When  the condition restores, it
       unblocks the server.  In addition, on  each  pass  through
       the loop it will check the logfile /var/log/news/news.crit
       to see if it has been modified, and send mail to the  news
       administrator if so.

ciao stefan

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