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Do Nov 6 13:19:25 CET 1997


Zu der Frage, wie man X ohne xhost so aufsetzt, dass bestimmte Hosts immer
Zugriff haben hilf "man Xserver" (auf Slackware 3.0 jedenfalls):

       -ac     disables  host-based  access  control  mechanisms.
               Enables  access  by any host, and permits any host
               to modify  the  access  control  list.   Use  with
               extreme caution.  This option exists primarily for
               running test suites remotely.

       The X server also uses a host-based  access  control  list
       for  deciding  whether  or  not to accept connections from
       clients on a particular machine.  If no  other  authoriza-
       tion mechanism is being used, this list initially consists
       of the host on which the server is running as well as  any
       machines  listed in the file /etc/Xn.hosts, where n is the
       display number of the  server.   Each  line  of  the  file
       should   contain   either   an   Internet  hostname  (e.g. or a DECnet  hostname  in  double  colon
       format  (e.g.  hydra::).   There  should  be no leading or
       trailing spaces on any lines.  For example:


       Users can add or remove hosts from this list and enable or
       disable  access  control  using the xhost command from the
       same machine as the server.

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