linux-l: X default hosts

Sebastian Krueger Sebastian.Krueger at
Fr Nov 7 19:14:53 CET 1997

Peter J. Weyers wrote:
> Hallo,
> Zu der Frage, wie man X ohne xhost so aufsetzt, dass bestimmte Hosts immer
> Zugriff haben hilf "man Xserver" (auf Slackware 3.0 jedenfalls):
> [...]
>        -ac     disables  host-based  access  control  mechanisms.
>                Enables  access  by any host, and permits any host
>                to modify  the  access  control  list.   Use  with
>                extreme caution.  This option exists primarily for
>                running test suites remotely.
> [...]
>        The X server also uses a host-based  access  control  list
>        for  deciding  whether  or  not to accept connections from
>        clients on a particular machine.  If no  other  authoriza-
>        tion mechanism is being used, this list initially consists
>        of the host on which the server is running as well as  any
>        machines  listed in the file /etc/Xn.hosts, where n is the
>        display number of the  server.   Each  line  of  the  file
>        should   contain   either   an   Internet  hostname  (e.g.
> or a DECnet  hostname  in  double  colon
>        format  (e.g.  hydra::).   There  should  be no leading or
>        trailing spaces on any lines.  For example:
>                joesworkstation
>                star::
>                bigcpu::
>        Users can add or remove hosts from this list and enable or
>        disable  access  control  using the xhost command from the
>        same machine as the server.
> [...]
> Hope it helps,
> Peter

Danke, ich nochmals meine manpages durchgesehen, interressanter Weise
konnte "man" die page XServer nicht finden (im Gegensatz zu xman und
tkman ), nach "mandb" ( wobei dieses Programm nach eigener Ausgabe
nichts geaendert hat!) findet jetzt auch "man" die Seite.
Seltsam, seltsam ;] ?!


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