linux-l: need help in San Francisco

wiliweld at wiliweld at
Fr Nov 28 19:47:40 CET 1997

First of all, THANKS for having a place that addresses the newcomers needs.
I have Red Hat 4.2, Xfree86(?), and have a  "Swindles95" machine along side
which I am using now to access this site. I wanted to be completely free of
MS and need to at least start accessing the net, either send email, which I
tried with PINE but couldn't get the pine to activate my modem like Eudora
3.03 does. I have fully configured "Swindles95" dial up networking multiple
times and am actually a litle fearfull of the linux/unix commands. I have a
great book that has helped me with commands before called UNIX for DOS
Users which keeps my head above water. I will have the network card (right
one this time) for my linux machine tomorrow and the my linux friends
(meetings 2 times a month) will help me so I can at least download Netscape
thru "Swindles95" then nic it to Red Hat (linux.)
                      Thanks, Bill from San Francisco

PS: Netcom says all it has for me is my DNS numbers to help me access the
net with linux !!! (?)

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