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> Hallo, wo her bekommt man Scannerteiber für Linux????
> Speziell für Parallelport.
> Ich habe einen Plustek OpticPro 4800P
wie es aussieht wird der Plustek bisher noch nicht unterstützt.
Bei der Suche in nach "Plustek AND linux" 
habe ich jedoch unten stehrenden hoffentlich interessanten 
Artikel gefunden.

mit freundlichen Gruessen


Subject:      Plustek Driver Development: I have some source!
From:         Adam Rothschild <asr at>Date:         1997/10/13
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I have received the NT OpticPro 48XX (I believe this covers the 4800 and
4830) driver source from the main Plustek office, and authorization to
use this source to develop a Linux driver for their scanner!
I am therefore seeking volunteers willing to develop such a driver for
the Linux community.  I will coordinate all efforts, and release the
source to those interested...
I am amazed and delighted that I got a positive response from Plustek,
as so many others have failed!  It would be really great to use their
low cost parallel port scanners in Linux, and hopefully this is a step
in the right direction.
Let me know if you are interested (remove the no-spam to determine my
e-mail addr)...Thanks-Adam

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