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Folgende Mail kam eben ueber die Qt-Mailingliste und duerfte euch wohl
auch interessieren:

>(April 6, 1998) Troll Tech today released the QtScape demonstration
>program to the public. A team of seven programmers have in five days
>ported to Qt the newly released Netscape Navigator web browser source
>code. Qt is Troll Tech's multi-platform Graphical User Interface (GUI)
>toolkit. The free QtScape is released as a "proof of concept" that Qt
>as a platform provides all the functionality required for making
>state-of-the-art GUI applications, as well as allowing rapid
>application development.
>"When Netscape Communications Corporation earlier this year announced
>that it would release the source code of Communicator 5.0, we decided
>that this was the perfect opportunity to show the world the
>flexibility and effectiveness of our GUI toolkit" said Eirik Eng, CEO
>of Troll Tech. "By giving a team of seven programmers only five days -
>a "mythical man-month" - to achieve a functioning Qt port of Netscape
>Navigator, we wanted to demonstrate the ease and speed of developing
>graphical user interfaces with Qt."
>The QtScape development team, consisting of five Troll Tech senior
>engineers as well as two programmers volunteering from the free
>software community. Netscape released the Communicator source code
>March 31, and the team came together the day after to face an immense
>task: to replace the 500 000 lines of C and C++ code in the
>X-Windows/Motif and Microsoft Windows specific parts of Communicator.
>Nonetheless, QtScape implements almost all the main web browser
>functionality of Netscape Navigator. In some areas, the port improves
>on the original: The pages are drawn noticeably faster, and the color
>handling on 256-color screens is better.
>"We were confident that we would achieve a satisfactory result,
>although the Communicator source code was not easily penetrated" said
>Haavard Nord, president of Troll Tech. "This represents definite
>evidence of the power and flexibility of Qt, as well as a
>demonstration of the skills of our programmers. I am very satisfied."
>QtScape is available at  It is presented
>as a Qt demonstration program only, not a Troll Tech product. The full
>source code is released under the Netscape Public License, which
>allows free distribution and modification. Further information about
>the release of Netscape Communicator is available at
>One of the freeware developers, Kalle Dalheimer, is also available for
>Qt-related contract work. He can be contacted at
>kalle at
>Troll Tech AS is a computer software company specializing in
>multi-platform C++ libraries for graphical user interfaces. Its
>flagship product Qt is used as a basis for successful commercial
>applications world wide. Troll Tech is located in Oslo,
>Norway. Further information is available at 
>Netscape, Navigator and Communicator are trademarks of Netscape
>Communications Corporation. Qt is a trademark of Troll Tech AS.
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