linux-l: Are They Investigating You?

Dr. Bernd Freistedt bernd.freistedt at
Mi Aug 26 10:53:54 CEST 1998

Nochmal zu Eurer Kenntnis (Omannomann, ging das fix):

>From: postmaster at
>Reply-To: postmaster at
>Subject: Your report to Security and Abuse 

>Thank you for contacting Juno's Security and Abuse
>Department.  This address is for reporting abuses of the
>Juno service.

>We have received your message and are currently investigating
>your complaint.

>Juno does not tolerate spam and strictly enforces the terms
>of its Service Agreement.  The Juno Service Agreement
>prohibits the use of Juno accounts to send, or receive
                                       ~~~~     ~~~~~~~
>replies to, unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam). 
[..... folgt weiteres ....]


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