linux-l: Antwort vom Postmaster von wg. dem Spam in die Liste

Volker Kroll vkroll at
Do Aug 13 14:35:10 CEST 1998


ich habe eine Beschwerde an den Postmaster von geschickt, wg. "den
heissen Videos", die wir beziehen duerfen ;-)

Koennten wir nicht das posten in diese Liste nur denen gestatten, die auch
die Liste abonniert haben? Das wuerden den Spam wahrscheinlich klein halten

Liebe Gruesse

Und hier die Antwort:

>X-Envelope-To: <vkroll at>
>Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 08:30:38 -0400 (EDT)
>To: vkroll at
>From: postmaster at
>Reply-to: postmaster at
>Subject: Your report to Security and Abuse 
>Thank you for contacting Juno's Security and Abuse
>Department.  This address is for reporting abuses of the
>Juno service.
>We have received your message and are currently investigating
>your complaint.
>Juno does not tolerate spam and strictly enforces the terms
>of its Service Agreement.  The Juno Service Agreement
>prohibits the use of Juno accounts to send, or receive
>replies to, unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam).  It is
>Juno's policy to terminate any accounts used in this way.
>Please know, however, that the vast majority of spam that
>appears to come from a Juno account actually comes through
>another e-mail provider, with the Juno address having been
>forged into the message header by the spammer.  (We are
>pursuing legal action against a number of individuals and
>companies we believe are responsible for such forgeries.) 
>If you wrote to report that you received an unwanted or
>offensive e-mail message, please check to make sure
>that you included the full "received headers" when you
>sent us a copy of the e-mail message in question.  You
>may need to select a "Show All Headers" option in your
>e-mail software in order to include the full received
>headers.  (You can tell whether they are included by
>looking for lines that begin with the word "Received:"
>in the header lines at the top of the message.)  Please
>understand that without the full received headers, we
>are unable to process a complaint.
>Also, remember not to reply to any spam or electronic
>chain letters you receive, since replying may result in
>your being added to more spam mailing lists.
>-- Security and Abuse Dept.
>   Juno Online Services, L.P.

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