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Di Okt 20 13:19:50 CEST 1998

Hi liste,

  ich weiss nicht wer nach einer moeglichkeit suchte, eine netzwerkkarte auf
  den promiscuous mode zu testen.
  Jedenfalls ist snmp eine moeglichkeit. Nach anfrage in comp.protocols.snmp
  erhielt ich folgtende antwort:

>Check out RFC 2233, the latest revision of the IF-MIB. It contains:
>   ifPromiscuousMode  OBJECT-TYPE
>       SYNTAX      TruthValue
>       MAX-ACCESS  read-write
>       STATUS      current
>               "This object has a value of false(2) if this interface
>               only accepts packets/frames that are addressed to this
>               station.  This object has a value of true(1) when the
>               station accepts all packets/frames transmitted on the
>               media.  The value true(1) is only legal on certain
>               types of media.  If legal, setting this object to a
>               value of true(1) may require the interface to be reset
>               before becoming effective.
>               The value of ifPromiscuousMode does not affect the
>               reception of broadcast and multicast packets/frames by
>               the interface."
>       ::= { ifXEntry 16 }

Also anscheinend einfach per z.b. snmpget die variable abfragen...

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