linux-l: Procmail nach/bei mailempfang aufrufen

Boris Kimmina kimmina at
Do Sep 24 13:56:52 CEST 1998

On Wed, 23 Sep 1998, Andre' Draszik wrote:

>> "|IFS=' '&&exec /usr/bin/procmail ||exit 75 #peter"
>Wie ist diese Zeile denn zu interpretieren? Das in der Mitte samt Umrandung
>(&&,||) ist ja kklar, aber der Rest...

aus /usr/doc/procmail/FAQ:

11. Why do I have to insert my login name after the '#' in the 
.forward or .maildelivery file?

Some mailers `optimise' maildelivery and take out duplicates from
Cc:, Bcc: and alias lists before delivery.  If two or more persons on
such a list would have identical .forward files, then the mailer will
eliminate all but one.  Adding a `#' with your login name following it
will make the .forward files unique, and will ensure that the mailer
doesn't optimise away some addresses.


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