linux-l: FTP durch einen Gateway ?

Philipp Grau phgrau at ZEDAT.FU-Berlin.DE
Sa Aug 12 14:53:53 CEST 2000

On Sat, Aug 12, 2000 at 02:08:55PM +0200, sagrulus wrote:
> hat jemand eine Idee wie ich ncftp beibringe durch einen Masq-Server
> hindurch zu leiten. FTP pur funktioniert, bei ncftp habe ich
> allerdings keine Option zur passivuebertragung gefunden, wie z.B.

belug:~> man ncftp 
           This controls ncftp's behavior for data connec­ tions, and can be
	   set to one of on, off, or the default, optional.  When passive
	   mode is on, ncftp uses the FTP command primitive PASV to have the
	   client establish data connections to the server. The default FTP
	   protocol behavior is to use the FTP command primitive PORT which
	   has the server estab­ lish data connections to the client.  The
	   default setting for this variable, optional, allows ncftp to
	   choose whichever method it deems necessary.
belug:~> ncftp
NcFTP 3.0.0 beta 14 (June 25, 1998) by Mike Gleason.
ncftp / > set passive on
ncftp / > show all
confirm-close                  yes
connect-timeout                20
control-timeout                135
pager                          more
passive                        on
progress-meter                 2 (statbar)
save-passwords                 ask
show-status-in-xterm-titlebar  no
xfer-timeout                   3600
ncftp / > 


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