linux-l: Re: could you do me a favour

Ralph Angenendt ralph at
Sa Dez 2 01:21:41 CET 2000

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 06:23:09PM +0100, Robin S. Socha wrote:
> * Sven Guckes <guckes at> writes:
> > susan at <susan at> [001201 16:34]:
> >> and check out this site
> >>
> >>
> > please do us a favor - east your spam, and drop dead.
> yeast? feast? beast? Tell us, Mr. Guckes, *what* were you driving at?

And I told him to be easy on them drugs. But would he listen?

"The PROPER way to handle HTML postings is to cancel the article, then
hire a hitman to kill the poster, his wife and kids, and fuck his dog
and smash his computer into little bits. Anything more is just
extremism."     -- Paul Tomblin
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