linux-l: Can you help me ?

Jens Dreger jens.dreger at
So Feb 20 16:39:35 CET 2000

On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 06:48:49AM -0800, Linux Programmer wrote:
> I am starting building tools for Linux.
> 1:)I think that tools must writen in XLib API (is this
> true ?).

No. You probably want to use some toolkit.

> 2:)I've 2 week experiance in Linx X Window But  to now
> I don't know how to make a menu using XLib , Can you
> tell how and 

There is no support for menus in XLib. You need at least Xt, which is
a very basic X-toolkit that comes with X.

> 3:)also can tell me where to find a resoureces about
> XLib on internet.

try any search engine. If you have X installed, you already got the
man-pages, "man XtCreateWindow"...
> 4:) how to manage bitmaps using XLib ?

man XReadBitmapFile

> 5:) is it true to build the tools using XLib ?

what's true anyway ?

> 6:) If I use some toolkit like Motif or Gtk, can I use
> XLib API's from that Toolkit ?
You could, but you probably won't need to, since a good toolkit will
most likely have everything you need.
> please help me in get answers .

You probably want to buy a book on Xlib-Programming.

Also, if you use C++, habe a look at qt

BTW, what was your name again ?



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