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* Christoph Lange <clange at> writes:
> Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Tagebuchprogramm für X. So eine Art
> 'Captain's Log'. Ich habe weit und breit nichts derartiges gefunden. Hat
> jemand sowas schonmal gesehen?!

Komische Frage ]:->

Calendar Mode and the Diary

   Emacs provides the functions of a desk calendar, with a diary of
planned or past events.  To enter the calendar, type `M-x calendar';
this displays a three-month calendar centered on the current month, with
point on the current date.  With a numeric argument, as in `C-u M-x
calendar', it prompts you for the month and year to be the center of the
three-month calendar.  The calendar uses its own buffer, whose major
mode is Calendar mode.

   `Button2' in the calendar brings up a menu of operations on a
particular date; `Buttons3' brings up a menu of commonly used calendar
features that are independent of any particular date.  To exit the
calendar, type `q'.  *Note Customizing the Calendar and Diary:
(elisp)Calendar, for customization information about the calendar and

The Diary

   The Emacs diary keeps track of appointments or other events on a
daily basis, in conjunction with the calendar.  To use the diary
feature, you must first create a "diary file" containing a list of
events and their dates.  Then Emacs can automatically pick out and
display the events for today, for the immediate future, or for any
specified date.

   By default, Emacs uses `~/diary' as the diary file.  This is the
same file that the `calendar' utility uses.  A sample `~/diary' file is:

     12/22/1988 Twentieth wedding anniversary!!
     &1/1. Happy New Year!
     10/22 Ruth's birthday.
     * 21, *: Payday
     Tuesday--weekly meeting with grad students at 10am
              Supowit, Shen, Bitner, and Kapoor to attend.
     1/13/89 Friday the thirteenth!!
     &thu 4pm squash game with Lloyd.
     mar 16 Dad's birthday
     April 15, 1989 Income tax due.
     &* 15 time cards due.

This example uses extra spaces to align the event descriptions of most
of the entries.  Such formatting is purely a matter of taste.
Robin S. Socha <>

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