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On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 06:36:18PM +0200, Alexander Pfingstl wrote:

Hi Alexander,

> Ich möchte gerne das im Reply und From Feld ein bestimmter
> Text steht. 

Aus der mutt-Doku:

  3.12.  User defined headers

  my_hdr string
  unmy_hdr field [ field ... ]

  The ``my_hdr'' command allows you to create your own header fields
  which will be added to every message you send.

  For example, if you would like to add an ``Organization:'' header
  field to all of your outgoing messages, you can put the command

       my_hdr Organization: A Really Big Company, Anytown, USA

  in your .muttrc.

  Note:  space characters are not allowed between the keyword and the
  colon (``:'').  The standard for electronic mail (RFC822) says that
  space is illegal there, so Mutt enforces the rule.

  If you would like to add a header field to a single message, you
  should either set the ``edit_headers'' variable, or use the edit-
  headers function (default: ``E'') in the send-menu so that you can
  edit the header of your message along with the body.

  To remove user defined header fields, use the ``unmy_hdr'' command.
  You may specify an asterisk (``*'') to remove all header fields, or
  the fields to remove.  For example, to remove all ``To'' and ``Cc''
  header fields, you could use:

       unmy_hdr to cc


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