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Das wollte ich Euch nicht vorenthalten, diese Innovativität bei Microsoft.

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Sorry to waste a bit of bandwidth, but I have a bit of humor.

This is from microsoft's web site:

 REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 28, 2000 -- Three years ago, Bill Bolosky and two
 Microsoft colleagues were brainstorming technology advances when an idea
 occurred to them -- why not save operating system disk space by storing
 duplicate files as links that point to a single file housed in a central

 Not only would this save storage space, they reasoned; it would also result in
 substantial performance improvements. Moreover, it would make it faster for
 information technology (IT) managers to install computers for new
 employees since they?d no longer be required to copy massive amounts of
 data each time they set up a new desktop.

 The three sent a memo to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates outlining the idea. Both
 Gates and the Windows 2000 product team liked the proposal, and the Windows
 team asked Bolosky if he could develop the feature himself. During the
 next 1-1/2 years, Bolosky, a researcher in Microsoft Research?s Systems
 and Networking Group, and three of his researchers worked full time with
 the Windows 2000 team to build the technology.

And all this time, I thought Unix had developed the concepts of symbolic
and hard links within the file system.  Guess I ought to retire as I have
been teaching this wrong for over 20 years.  :)

It was also nice to know that it only took them 1.5 years.  Ken Thompson
did it a bit quicker.  :)

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