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Mi Mär 22 06:49:34 CET 2000

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 09:07:32PM +0100, Jan wrote:
> Danke vielmals.
> Klappt wunderbar. Und gleich noch 'cut' kennengelernt. ;-)
> Viele Grüße
schoen mal wieder von hinten ins auge zu kommen, is halt UNIX und
viele wege etc. etc.

der optimalere weg scheint mir der aufruf deines dns-scriptes
durch den pppd zu sein.

man pppd:
       Pppd  invokes  scripts at various stages in its processing
       which can be used to perform site-specific ancillary  pro<AD>
       cessing.   These  scripts  are  usually shell scripts, but
       wait  for the scripts to finish.  The scripts are executed
       as root (with the real and effective user-id set to 0), so
       that  they  can do things such as update routing tables or
       give  information  about  the link.  The environment vari<AD>
       ables that pppd sets are:

       DEVICE The name of the serial tty device being used.

       IFNAME The name of the network interface being used.

              The IP address for the local end of the link.  This
              is only set when IPCP has come up.
              A program or script which is executed when the link
              is  available  for sending and receiving IP packets
              (that is, IPCP has come up).  It is  executed  with

nun stimmen auch deine variablennamen wieder ;-)

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