linux-l: Re: mein mailer spinnt...

Robin S. Socha robin at
So Nov 5 14:52:15 CET 2000

* Angelika Meier <ameier at> writes:

> mein admin ist grad auf dem weg nach münchen und ich hab nuill ahnung:
> ich hab gestern ne ziemlich grosse mail bekommen, die mein mutt (oder
> mein fetchmail) nun alle 10 minuten abholt, allerdings ne kleinere,
> scheinbar "kaputtere" version.

,----[ man fetchmail ]
|    Resource Limit Control Options
|        -l <maxbytes>, --limit <maxbytes>
|               (Keyword:  limit)  Takes a maximum octet size argu-
|               ment.  Messages larger than this size will  not  be
|               fetched,  not  be  marked seen, and will be left on
|               the server (in foreground  sessions,  the  progress
|               messages  will note that they are "oversized").  An
|               explicit --limit of 0 overrides any limits  set  in
|               your  run control file. This option is intended for
|               those needing to strictly control fetch time due to
|               expensive  and  variable  phone  rates.   In daemon
|               mode, oversize  notifications  are  mailed  to  the
|               calling  user  (see  the  --warnings option).  This
|               option does not work with ETRN.
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