linux-l: amd direct mount ?

Jens Dreger jens.dreger at
Do Nov 9 12:45:53 CET 2000

Hallo !

Ich habe jetzt ungefaehr 12 Stunden mit dem Versuch zugebracht,
mittels amd (4.4BSD Automouter) eine direct mount map zum Laufen zu
kriegen. Es geht einfach nicht. Die Doku sagt:

  Direct Automount Filesystem (`direct')

    The "direct" (`type:=direct') filesystem is almost identical to the
 automount filesystem.  Instead of appearing to be a directory of mount
 points, it appears as a symbolic link to a mounted filesystem.  The
 mount is done at the time the link is accessed.  *Note Automount
 Filesystem::, for a list of required options.

    Direct automount points are created by specifying the `direct'
 filesystem type on the command line:

      amd ... /usr/man -type:=direct

    where `' would contain an entry such as:

      usr/man    -type:=nfs;rfs:=/usr/man \
                 rhost:=man-server1  rhost:=man-server2

    In this example, `man-server1' and `man-server2' are file servers
 which export copies of the manual pages.  Note that the key which is
 looked up is the name of the automount point without the leading `/'.

Hat das zufaellig schon mal irgendwer hier geschafft?



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