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Do Mär 15 22:45:35 CET 2001


die Korrespondenz mit Shira ist nun ein wenig weitergegangen.
Sie brachte Teresa als eine Mitinitiatorin des Projektes ins
Spiel. Teresa will also am 4.4. zum BeLUG-Mittwoch bei uns
aufkreuzen. Ihre Intentionen entnehmt bitte den forward.
Wir werden sie sicher auch noch ueberreden, einen Vortrag ueber
ihr Projekt zu halten.
Hm, machen wir das in der Kiautschoustr.? - Ich meine schon.

Bitte verteilt die Nachricht auch an die BeLUGas, die sich aus
der Liste abgemeldet haben.


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Teresa Alpert
03/15/2001 03:59 PM

cc:   Shira Weismann/O&M NY/OMG at OMG

Subject:  i look forward to berlin

dear bernd,

let me introduce myself.  my name is teresa alpert, i am a strategic
planner in high technology.  i love to follow technology trends and fads
and have been interviewing people for about 5 years.  the project of the
moment is linux -- utterly and completely consuming!

i am really excited for the trip -- before berlin we will be in silicon
valley US, stuttgart, stockholm but i've heard berlin is an extremely
vibrant linux community.  thank you so much helping us get into berlin's
user group.  your help is greatly appreciated. we are interested in
anything else "special" happening in berlin that week as it pertains to
linux, technology, you, etc.  we trust you completely!

as for this project, you can think of us as a team of very interested
journalists -- we are observing, learning, listening to this technology
phenomenon called linux.  we are trying to chronicle things in the most
REAL way possible.  it's sort of like a documentary with film and pictures
and quotes from people who are closest and most involved.  we work for a
communications company, not a technology company but IBM has given us the
film and the plane tickets.  they don't want to interfere with our journey
in any way but they are very interested in our discoveries.

if you have any questions for me prior to arrival, please let me know.  and
as far as being your guest lecture at the user group!?  honestly, i was
hoping i could observe a normal meeting.  but i am especially interested in
the visit to the pub!

thank you in advance,

---End forward

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