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Am Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2002 11:55 schrieb Kendy Kutzner:

> Kendy
> PS: Meine Frage zu Punkt 5: Wie war das nochmal mit Hard Links auf
> Directories? Klar das es nicht ueber Filesystemgrenzen hinweg geht,
> aber warum nicht auf directories?

ein kleiner gruss aus "info ln"

vielleicht bringt das die erleuchtung?

  A "hard link" is another name for an existing file; the link and the
original are indistinguishable.  Technically speaking, they share the
same inode, and the inode contains all the information about a
file--indeed, it is not incorrect to say that the inode _is_ the file.
On all existing implementations, you cannot make a hard link to a
directory, and hard links cannot cross filesystem boundaries.  (These
restrictions are not mandated by POSIX, however.)

   "Symbolic links" ("symlinks" for short), on the other hand, are a
special file type (which not all kernels support: System V release 3
(and older) systems lack symlinks) in which the link file actually
refers to a different file, by name.  When most operations (opening,
reading, writing, and so on) are passed the symbolic link file, the
kernel automatically "dereferences" the link and operates on the target
of the link.  But some operations (e.g., removing) work on the link
file itself, rather than on its target.  *Note Symbolic Links:
(library)Symbolic Links.

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