[linux-l] Dateien mit '/' im Dateinamen

Jan Krueger jk at microgalaxy.net
Sa Aug 9 17:54:42 CEST 2003

On Saturday 09 August 2003 14:24, Steffen Dettmer wrote:
> * Jan Krueger wrote on Sat, Aug 09, 2003 at 11:43 +0200:
> > osdb-0.14 4MB linux-2.4.21-rc2: --users 10(20) --nosingle --short
> Was ist das? Was testet das genau?


What is OSDB?

 OSDB, the "Open Source Database Benchmark," grew out of a minor project at 
Compaq Computer Corporation to evaluate the I/O throughput and general 
processing power of GNU Linux/Alpha. 

Starting with nothing but text-based descriptions of database benchmarks (and 
being unwilling to spend the $$$ for SPECxxx or TPC-y test suites), we chose 
to build a test suite based on AS3AP, the ANSI SQL Scalable and Portable 
Benchmark, as documented in Chapter 5 of The Benchmark Handbook, edited by 
Jim Grey. AS3AP itself was created by D. Bitton and C. Turbyfill. 

4MB bzw. 40MB gibt die größe des Datensets an.
--nosingle = doesn't perform the single-user benchmark
--short = omits the 15 minute warning time during multi-user sequence
--user =  specifies the number of users for the multi-user benchmark

MixedIR = selects a tuple from a table with a given condition that is randomly 
generated from all possible values stored in the table.  The result is given 
in tuples per second [tup/sec].
MixedOLTP = (On-Line Transaction Processing) updates a tuple which fulfills a 
condition randomly selected, in a table.  The result is given in tuples per 
second [tup/sec].

> > zu genießen. In Klammern die Werte für 20 User, ohne Klammern die Werte
> > für 10 user. Die PostgreSQL Werte sind nicht mit den MySQL Werten
> > vergleichbar, weil andere Fehler aufgetreten sind.
> Also ein Benchmark der error-Handler, ja? :-)

Jupp, den brauch man immer :)


> oki,
> Steffen

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