[linux-l] [OT] SCOs naechster streich

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Fr Dez 12 12:09:13 CET 2003

Entschuldigung, weil's so schoen ist:

-> http://bbspot.com/News/2003/12/sco_christmas.html

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SCO Must Prove Existence Of Santa Claus in Thirty Days

By Brian Briggs

Salt Lake City, UT - Supreme Court Judge Isaiah Moore ruled that SCO must
show proof of Santa Claus in the next 30 days, or he will dismiss their
lawsuit against all Christians and companies profiting from the Christmas

SCO, formerly known as Santa Cruz Operations, recently changed their name
to Santa Claus Operations. This change was widely regarded as a move to
improve their image after their controversial claims about Linux. Critics
of the name change say it's just another fantasy created by SCO CEO Kris
Kringle, formerly known as Darl McBride, to profit through litigation.

In a recent press release SCO said it would begin sending out invoices to
anyone who celebrates or profits from Christmas in the next couple of weeks
including corporations and individuals. A price list for SCO Christmas
licenses which companies and individuals need to celebrate the holiday
without violating SCO's intellectual property rights were released as well.

"Children can avoid penalties by sending 10% of their Christmas gifts to
SCO," said Kringle.


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