[linux-l] Partimage und NTFS-Partitionen

Ralph Angenendt ra at br-online.de
Fr Jan 23 12:16:32 CET 2004

Klaus Gerhardt wrote:
> Hallo,
> hat denn jemand Erfahrungen mit dem Sichern und INSBESONDRE
> WIEDERHERSTELLEN von NTFS-Partitionen mit Partimage?

Folgendes lässt mich vermuten, dass ich partimage dafür nicht einsetzen

| The NTFS (Windows NT File System) is currently not fully supported: this
| means you will be able to save an NTFS partition if system files are not
| very fragmented, and if system files are not compressed. In this case,
| you will be able to save the partition into an image file, and you will
| be able to restore it after. If there is a problem when saving, an error
| message will be shown and you won't be able to continue. If you have
| successfully saved an NTFS NTFS partition, you shouldn't have problems
| as you restore it (except in the case of bugs). Then the best way is to
| try to save a partition to know if it is possible. If not, try to
| defragment it with diskeeper or another tool, and try to saving the
| partition again.

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