[linux-l] 100 $ PC, embedded systems

Peter Ross Peter.Ross at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Fr Mai 26 11:58:47 CEST 2006



eben gerade (wieder) gefunden, recht interessant diese Aussagen:

Second, we will get the fat out of the systems. Today's laptops have 
become obese. Two-thirds of their software is used to manage the other 
third, which mostly does the same functions nine different ways.
Who is the original design manufacturer (ODM) of the $100 laptop?
Quanta Computer Inc. of Taiwan has been chosen as the original design 
manufacturer (ODM) for the $100 laptop project. The decision was made 
after the board reviewed bids from several possible manufacturing 

Quanta Computer Inc. was founded in 1988 in Taiwan. With over US $10 
billion in sales, Quanta is the world's largest manufacturer of laptop 
PCs; the company also manufactures mobile phones, LCD TVs, and servers and 
storage products. In addition, Quanta recently opened a new US $200 
million R&D center, Quanta R&D Complex (QRDC), in Taiwan. The facility, 
which opened in Q3 of 2005, has 2.2 million square feet of floor space, 
and a capacity to house up to 7,000 engineers.

Ich dachte da an den "Billigserver", von dem hier die Rede war.

Auch wenn's FreeBSD ist (es ist ja nicht verboten, ueber den Tellerrandzu 
gucken;-), diesen Thread finde ich interessant fuer kleinere Systeme, von 
Ideen und Technologien her:



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