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Di Mai 30 23:32:20 CEST 2006


Benjamin Schieder <blindcoder at scavenger.homeip.net> writes:
> An Exim stoert mich, dass ich nach einem Tag immer nicht rausfand, wie ich
> einen Relay eintrage.

http://www.exim.org/exim-html-4.40/doc/html/FAQ_3.html#TOC123 und folgende: 

# Q0303: How do I configure Exim to send all messages to a central server? I
  don't want to do any local deliveries at all on this host.

# Q0304: How do I configure Exim to send all non-local mail to a gateway host?

# Q0305: How can I arrange for mail on my local network to be delivered
  directly to the relevant hosts, but all other mail to be sent to my ISP's
  mail server? The local hosts are all DNS-registered and behave like normal
  Internet hosts.

# Q0306: How do I configure Exim to send all non-local mail to a central
  server if it cannot be immediately delivered by my host? I don't want to
  have queued mail waiting on my host.

Hat kein fünf Minuten mit Google gedauert.


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