[linux-l] Zeitgesteuertes Herunterfahren des PCs

Olaf Radicke olaf_rad at gmx.de
Fr Okt 26 00:13:53 CEST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007 schrieb Norm at nSteinbach:
> Hallo %All,
> Wie kann ich meinen PC dazu bringen, in x Minuten (von jetzt an)
> automatisch herunterzufahren?

man shutdown

       -t sec Tell  init(8)  to wait sec seconds between sending processes the
              warning and the kill signal, before  changing  to  another  run-

       -k     Don’t  really shutdown; only send the warning messages to every-

       -P     Halt action is to turn off the power.

       The time argument can have different formats.   First,  it  can  be  an
       absolute time in the format hh:mm, in which hh is the hour (1 or 2 dig-
       its) and mm is the minute of the hour (in two digits).  Second, it  can
       be  in the format +m, in which m is the number of minutes to wait.  The
       word now is an alias for +0.

       The -H option just sets the  init  environment  variable  INIT_HALT  to
       HALT,  and the -P option just sets that variable to POWEROFF. The shut-
       down script that calls halt(8)  as  the  last  thing  in  the  shutdown
       sequence should check these environment variables and call halt(8) with
       the right options for  these  options  to  actually  have  any  effect.
       Debian 3.1 (sarge) supports this.

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