[linux-l] Greetings

Christopher Olsen olsen at wtd-berlin.de
Do Mär 6 19:18:25 CET 2008

Hallo BeLUG,

My name's Christopher I'm new to Berlin having just moved from Seattle 
USA. I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I saw you guys at 
LinuxTag last year and am happy to move to a city with an active Linux 
group. The groups in Seattle (GSLUG, SeBUG) have been in their death 
throes and have seemed to have sputtered their last breath the past year 
or so. I hope to attend some meetings and introduce myself in person and 
practice my German :). Am I right in seeing that most your meetings take 
place on Wednesdays (Mittwoch)?

And can anyone offer some advice on where to find second hand computer 
equipment? Do any of the universities have surplus sales? I managed to 
find one, Reuse computer/Batman Electronics. Any others?

Christopher Olsen

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