[linux-l] Ethernet Termination Kit

Andrew Holway andrew.holway at gmail.com
Mi Jan 30 12:51:25 CET 2013

> what is "luggy"? I know fuggy, muggy, buggy... ;-)

You can, for some nouns add a "-y" or "-gy" suffix to make an
adjective with the quality of that word.

Cheesy, "This film is very cheesy"
Computery, "Its rather boring but I do some kind of computery work.",
“I want an e-reader that seem booky, not computery.”
Tomatoey, "This sauce is really tomatoey"
Luggy, "I really like all those luggy folks in berlin, They really
know about ethernet termination kits"
Databasey, "Its all some kind of databasey mess that I don't understand"
Leggy, "That leggy blonde over there is looking at you"

Such uses are mainly for comic effect and usually informal.

So 'Luggy', Just means "something this is from lug". I suppose it is
the most horrible form of Denglisch. :)

>> I was going to write "meine liebe Leute von Lug". But I think this
>> means "people of lies" :)
> Lug in the meaning of lie is out-of-use. Especially if vou type in upper
> case "LUG", there should be no misunderstanding.
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