linux-l: GCC - again (off topic)

loewis at loewis at
Sa Jul 5 01:58:56 CEST 1997

> Richtig den gas hatte ich vergessen aber wo ist das Problem ?
> ./configure && make install -- wenn's so nicht klappt wieder
> melden ! 

Hier noch ein paar motivierende Ausschnitte aus INSTALL vom gcc:

Here are the possible CPU types: ... mips, mipsel, mips64, mips64el

Here is a list of system types: ... iris, irix ...

The systems where it makes a difference whether you use GAS are ...
mips-ANY ...
          On the systems listed above (except for the HP-PA, for ISC on
          the 386, and for `mips-sgi-irix5.*'), if you use GAS, you
          should also use the GNU linker (and specify `--with-gnu-ld').

Also: gas funktioniert, der Systemassembler aber auch, GNU ld ist nicht
empfohlen (funktioniert aber wohl, binutils 2.8 zufolge: IRIX 5 nutzt wohl
sogar ELF).

   In order to compile GCC on an SGI running IRIX 4 ...
   In order to compile GCC on an SGI running IRIX 5 ...
   `make compare' may fail on version 5 of IRIX unless ...
   The MIPS C compiler needs to be told to increase its table size ...

     On Irix version 4.0.5F, and perhaps on some other versions as well,
     there is an assembler bug that reorders instructions incorrectly.
     To work around it ...

     To enable debugging under Irix 5, you must use GNU as 2.5 or later,
     and use the `--with-gnu-as' configure option when configuring gcc.
     GNU as is distributed as part of the binutils package.


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