linux-l: most influential people of the 20th century

Dr. M.E.Brown, DC bones at
Di Sep 29 02:44:27 CEST 1998

 Dear Sirs,
	I would like to cast a vote for Dr.D.D.Palmer as the most influential
person of the 20 Century becaues of hid discovery of the Science, Art and
Philosphy of the Profession of Chiropractic.
	In the last 102 years, Chiropractic has become the largest natural health
care profession.  It is the 2nd largest health care profession activily
treating patients today.  There are 65,000 practicing Doctors of
Chiropractic delivering over 2,300,000 Chiropractic  adjustments to
patients every day.
	All this from one man's vision of a better way to improve the health of
	Thank you for your time.
						Dr. M.E.Brown,DC.

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