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Welcome to HyperData -- Manufacturer Direct of Laptop,
PC Computers and Fault Tolerance Servers

We invite you to visit our web site at If you 
have additional questions, feel free to contact our 
sales group at 1-800-786-3343 or 
mailto:bcsales at 

Please surf the following SPECIALS for limited time 
and quantity offer only.

MediaGo 800 -- MMX200MHz, 12.1" LCD Display, 16MB RAM, 
1.3GB HDD, 16XCDROM, WIN95...$799 Click 
MediaGo 785 -- 333MHz CPU, 12.1" LCD Display, 32MB RAM, 
3.2GB HDD, 24XCDROM and WIN98...$999 Click 

MediaGo 780 -- 333MHz CPU, 12.1" TFT LCD, 64MB RAM, 
4.0GB HDD, 24XCDROM and WIN98...$1365 Click

MediaGo 930 -- 300MHz CPU, 14.1" TFT LCD, 64MB RAM, 
4.0GB HDD, 24XCDROM and WIN98...$1695 Click

MediaGo 950 -- PII 300MHz, 14.1" TFT LCD, 64MB RAM, 
6.4GB HDD, 24XCDROM and WIN98...$2175 Click 

MediaGo 980 -- PII 366MHz, 15" TFT LCD, 128MB RAM, 
8.1GB HDD, 2X DVD+MPEG II, built-in 56K V.90 Fax Modem, 
WIN98 plus 2X AGP 8MB ATI Rage Pro 3D Video and 12-Cell 
Intelligent Lithium Ion Battery...$3595 Click

Vpro 8000 Fault Tolerance Server Click    
HyperData’s Fault Tolerance Server was developed for the 
mission critical environment. It provides a complete 
fault-tolerant recovery plan that includes system-crash 
failure protection by Server Software, data protection by 
RAID, CPU protection by overheat alert, power defect 
protection by hot-swap redundant power supply, and power 
failure protection by UPS. A unique feature to this system 
lies in its patented power unit, which allows either System 
A or B to be individually shut down for servicing while the 
other system continues to function. Ideal for the 24X7 
production server environment.

**Surf Internet for Weekly Special & Reseller Program Available**

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If you would like to be removed from this specific e-mail 
list, please do not call us, just simply click "Reply" button 
in your e-mail software and write REMOVE in the Subject line. 

We sincerely apologize for the possible inconvenience. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 


HyperData Manufacturer Direct
mailto:bcsales at

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