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Sa Dez 9 18:32:31 CET 2000
We present you the production of the 1-st Moscow Watch Factory "Poljot" (Flying). From the simple mechanical 
watch of the series 2609 till unique, composite and precise mechanical o'clock - Marine timer . 
  It is unique factory in Russia, which makes mechanical hours with the Swiss quality. Factory, which makes 
watches for the Russian Air Forces , Russian Naval Forces. 
  All mechanical watch which we offer to you, will be delivered to you directly from the factory. If it isn't in the 
warehouse of the factory, we will place your order directly at the 1-st Moscow Watch Factory without any 
 The submarine "Kursk" had on board mechanical marine hronometr 6MX. 
The "table" of orders.    Here you can to order, to find, to know almost everything, than the Russia is rich, 
that does not contradict Russian Federation laws. 
Here you can receive or order:

The information about any enterprise, firm, organization, or person in Russia 
The production or any goods of Russian manufactories, and other things if it is possible. 

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