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$300-$1000 PLUS WEEKLY

Simple, pleasant do at home.

Dear Friend,

Are you seeking a rewarding second income? Would you like to set your own work schedule? Work the hours you choose? Earn extra income for your family? If so, then we may have the answer. Current statistics show that by the year 2010, 40-60% of the American work-force will be working from home. Get a jump on your future and secure a job through us. Our company provides a service to thousands of people and businesses across the United States. With your help, we can reach and provide a better service to more of these people and businesses, faster and at a lower cost than our competitors. We handle a marketing program called the Home-Mailers Program, which consists of envelope processing and mailing. These positions require no special skills or experience, just a sincere desire to GET STARTED, and EARN MONEY!


Potential incomes range from $300 to $1000 weekly or more. Pay rate is based on a $2.00 per envelope basis. The average Home-Mailer stuffs anywhere from 150 to 500 envelopes a week, depending on the amount of free time they have available. The envelopes you process will make you a substantial income. You'll find this work, done easily and quickly, can double or even triple your income. With just one or two hours per day you will be excitedly surprised at how easy we've made it and how profitable this work actually is. You can earn enough money working in your spare time to purchase that new car or boat you've been wanting, pay off credit cards, bills, or even take a vacation. Maybe just add more financial security for yourself or your family. Whatever the reason, you can't go wrong.


You can start the same day you receive our materials and begin receiving money within a matter of days. These positions require no prior experience or special skills. Under contract you will receive everything you need to get you up and running as fast as possible. 


If you are looking for an excellent extra income to relieve financial pressures, you owe it to yourself to investigate in this program. Naturally, no company can afford to send out costly materials to everyone who writes in asking for it. Therefore, we must ask each applicant for a one-time application processing fee of USD$35.00. This fee covers processing and all our materials you will receive upon your acceptance. It also assures us that you are serious about working with our company as a Home-Mailer. We will not ask or require you to pay us for any additional information, instructions, or materials to stay with us. If for any reason you are not accepted into the Home-Mailers Program, your processing fee will be sent directly back to you. There is no hassle. However, you must act promptly. At this time we are in need of dependable Home-Mailers in your area, of whom may start in the very near future. There are only a limited number of positions needed for each region of the !
country and as soon as we have enough people to complete the mailing needs in your area we will not be offering any more applications. We need your help now! So, if you're a productive, positive person we're looking forward to working with you.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in, read on. If not, thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Amanda C.S. Cole
Home-Mailing Division Manager

Start earning now. Here's what you need to do.

(1) Click or paste on the link below to use our automated online registration.
(2) Follow the instructions in our online registration.
(3) All correspondence and materials will be addressed to you.
Please open all packages and/or envelopes the same day they arrive.
(4) Follow all instructions when processing and mailing.
(5) If you find yourself pressed for time, you can stop work with us and come back at a later date, but we must insist you maintain a high level of quality when processing and mailing.


There is a way to earn a substantial income at home...

The Home-Mailers Program.


Please Respond Today! Positions are limited and time can affect your acceptance for desired positions.
In the size field, enter: 12016
In the description field, enter: Home Mailer Program
In the price field, enter: $35.00

Because we are a company recruiting people from the public we must assure you that we are the BEST company to work with and that we provide the MOST PROFITABLE income. Because we require an initial fee to get started, many people are skeptical, and miss out on a great opportunity. This fee covers our expenses for materials, postage, handling, and the time it takes us to get you started. It also assures us that you are serious about working with the Home-Mailers Program. We know that current Home-Mailers are happy and making an excellent income just from reading their testimonials. This makes us happy and enables us to succeed and continue our success together. Here are just a couple of the many testimonials received from Home-Mailers:

I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to work for your company. It couldn't have come along at a better time. The work is so simple and the pay is incredible. My wife and I have been stuffing envelopes together part-time and are exceeding what either of us make at our full-time jobs. Thanks again!
J. Thomas ------ Miami, FL

Thank you for everything! I was having trouble making ends meet at my present employment. But thanks to you and your Home-Mailers Program, I was able to pay off some old bills and put money in the bank. Now I'm looking forward to taking a well deserved vacation.
M. Daniels ----- Seattle, WA

Why do we need Home-Mailers? The cost of supplying an office is more expensive than most people may think. The cost of office space per square foot, + taxes employing mailing staff, + taxes employing supervisors, + taxes, medical insurance, dental insurance, and office liability insurance, multiplied by each region we cover, all involving paperwork, accountants and more taxes. WE NEED YOUR SERVICES TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY! Your role in our company is as an Independent Commission Mailer, not an employee. We will not take taxes from your paychecks and we cannot offer medical or dental insurance. As a Home-Mailer, your residence and many other aspects of everyday living can be declared business expenses. Receive cash-back on your taxes! You may request copies of personal materials at any time at no charge to yourself. All business can be done by mail, from your own home. You can start the same day you receive our materials and begin receiving money within days and have a steady in!
come as long as you desire. These positions require no prior experience or special skills. There are many distribution companies who want to expand their businesses, but do not want to pay the higher expenses. It is much easier to have independent Home-Mailers earn money doing this work themselves. This program is designed to help people cash in with a company who needs Home-Mailers. The Home-Mailers Program has been perfected so that it has become one of the most successful and profitable programs ever and is supplying people around the world with excellent primary and secondary incomes. We invite you to take part in our success. The money you earn is up to you. We do not require that you mail a certain number of envelopes each week. You can take on whatever amount of business that fits your schedule and you can stop whenever you want, there are no obligations. There is no need to do any door to door selling or phone soliciting. You may work in the comfort of your own home, c!
hoose your own hours, set your own pace. No need to leave your present job. Form workshops with your friends or get the whole family to join in.

The possibilities are UNLIMITED!

Thank you, and we're looking forward to working with you in the future.
In the size field, enter: 12016
In the description field, enter: Home Mailer Program
In the price field, enter: $35.00

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