[linux-l] Ethernet Termination Kit

Boris Kirkorowicz boris-ml07 at kirk.de
Mi Jan 30 11:50:59 CET 2013


Am 30.01.2013 11:43, schrieb Andrew Holway:
> ok, will do. Danke meine liebe Luggy Leute!

what is "luggy"? I know fuggy, muggy, buggy... ;-)

> I was going to write "meine liebe Leute von Lug". But I think this
> means "people of lies" :)

Lug in the meaning of lie is out-of-use. Especially if vou type in upper
case "LUG", there should be no misunderstanding.


Mit freundlichem Gruß                                 Best regards
                           Boris Kirkorowicz

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